Performance Tune-Ups and all kind of mechanical work for your BMW

Our expert BMW technicians will not only check your fluids but also the health of its belts and hoses, the efficiency of its fuel injectors, the function of its spark plugs, the need for timing adjustments – in short, every component involved in making this fine piece of German engineering go.

Oil change and Drivability Problem

We offer full bmw repair services and maintenance services; including oil changes (Oil Services and Inspection I & II) for your BMW at extremely competitive prices. Trust your BMW to those who know it best, A&S Automotive Repair.

Mufflers Tyres and battery change

Put your trust in Autoscope to ensure that you and your BMW is back on the road again in no time after a full car-battery service. Our Factory trained technicians and our service advisers will treat you and your car like a member of our own family.

Complete Computer Diagnostics

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